Monday, 22 March 2010

The History of Landscape Painting - a new resource

I've just published The History of Landscape Painting as a new resource for all those interested in the development of landscape painting everywhere in the world and across the centuries.

Learn about the development of landscape painting
Find out how landscape painting has developed across the centuries and different continents. This resource for art lovers identifies
* major movements in the history of landscape art
* famous landscape artists from the past
* famous art schools associated with landscape painting
* major subjects for landscape painting; and
* (in the future) popular locations for landscape art
This site is part of the The Art of the Landscape project and as such is a work in progress with new sites being added all the time. In effect it's the open access version of the ning site. Plus it can be bookmarked, tweeted and logged on Facebook.

I kept putting off publication - I wanted to add more, tweak more etc - but then remembered that this was supposed to be a project and that I don't know all the answers!

Feel free to identify useful websites for the site to link to

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Casey Klahn said...

I look forward to reading this.


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