About This Project

The Art of the Landscape is a project to develop learning about landscape art - past and present.

One of my goals for 2010 is to learn more about landscape art. This is now a project for me - and it's one which can be collaborative too.

What's involved?
  • art history: the development of landscape art - across time and in different countries and cultures;
  • art movements: different approaches to developing landscape art - in the studio and plein air; from observation and imagination
  • art instruction: different approaches to teaching and learning about landscape art
  • artists: learning more about famous landscape artists (past and present); and
  • drawing and painting: insights into developing your own landscape art; tips and rechniques
Where can I find it?

It has a blog and a ning site.
This blog will highlight links to other relevant blogs which write about landscape art.

Where can I find more information?

I'm also in the process of developing three 'resources for artists' sites. These will include links to the websites about artists past and present and the blogs of contemporary landscape artists.

You can access more information about the Art of the Landscape Project on the following websites:
  1. Landscape Paintings - Resources for Art Lovers 
  2. The Best Books about Landscape Art 
  3. How to paint a landscape (under construction - to be published)
    These will be developed and constantly updated during the course of the project. Each site will have an RSS feed.

    I'm also developing 'resources for art lovers' information sites about famous landscape artists.

    Who can join?

    If you just want to browse and read about landscape art then you'll find regular posts on this blog and/or links to other relevant sites.

    If you want to become more involved, the ning community will have forum discussion (but is still being set up and is currently invitation only).  (However this community is currently suspended while I find another webware platform)
    • Members of the ning community are expected to be active rather than passive participants - as experienced artists, students of landscape art and/or people who teach landscape art.
    • Initially members are being invited until a nucleus of active members are established. Membership is also moderated and will be strictly limited to those genuinely interested in landscape art. Scammers/spammers need not apply and will not be tolerated.
    If you'd like an invitation to join the project please leave a comment below and you'll be contacted once the project gets off the ground.

    If you'd like to collaborate with the project please also leave a comment on this post.

    You might also want to subscribe to this blog and/or follow it using Google Connect or Blogger.

    Read more about the purpose of this blog and how you can get involved in A learning project for art bloggers