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The Art of the Landscape Project aims to learn more about famous landscape artists (past and present).  In general this blog is featuring 'museum quality' artists who are well known within the art community.  Others who may be less well know will also be featured usually because their landscape art is well regarded and/or unusual. 

The following are resource websites that I've created about various artists who were well known for their landscape art. They include links to:
  • information about their life and career as an artist 
  • websites about the artist
  • where you can see their work online
  • art galleries and museums where you can see their work
  • books about their work
Database of landscape artists:  At the end, sites which list individual landscape artists in online databases are highlighted

    British Landscape Artists
    British Land Artists

    European Landscape Artists
    North American Landscape Artists


      Asian Landscape Artists


      Muromachi Period (1333-1573)
      • Sesshu Toyo, 
      • Kano Eitoku, 
      • Hasagawa Tohaku
      Edo Period (1615-1858) 

      Song Dynasty (960-1279)
      • DongYuan, 
      • Guo Xi 
      • Ju Ran; 
      Southern Song Dynasty (1172-1279)
      • Ma Yuan 
      • Xia Gui; 
      Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368)
      • Huang Gongweng, 
      • Wu Zhen, 
      • Ni Zan 
      • Wang Meng 
      Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644)
      • Dai Yin, 
      • Shen Zou, 
      • Weng Zhengming, 
      • Yang Yin, 
      • Qui Ying, 
      • Dong Qichang, 
      Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) 
      • Zha Du, 
      • the Four Wangs: Wang Shimin, Wang Hui, Wang Jian, Wang Yunagi, 
      • Wu Li, 
      • Shitao, 
      • Hongren, 
      • Kuncan, 
      • Gong Xian 

        Australasian Landscape Artists
        Landscape Art Databases - indexed by artists

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