Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Landscape quotations #1

‘Landscape has been for me one of the sources of my energy… I find that all natural forms are a source of unending interest – tree trunks… the texture and variety of grasses… The whole of Nature is an endless demonstration of shape and form.'
(Henry Moore; Energy in Space, 1973)

My photographs of sculptures by Henry Moore in Kew Gardens (2008)

Although most of Henry Moore's sculptures are figurative (female figures), I was hugely impressed with the way they sat in the landscape and 'belonged' at the exhibition of his work in Kew Gardens in 2007/8.

This is the sculpture map of the Henry Moore exhibition on the Kew Gardens website

I'm proposing to create a series of quotations about landscape and landscape art. If you'd like to suggest one please send me a link to its source


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