Monday, 1 March 2010

Stavanger - the Virtual Paintout in March

Image from the webkamera in Stavanger at 14.45 on Monday 1st March

The Virtual Paintout in March is in......Stavanger, Norway - March 2010. There are a few sites which tell you about Stavanger which is a major port at the southernmost tip of fjord Norway - a couple are:
It's a pity we can't get a virtual Googlemaps as the weather forecast in English is here. However I did find that Google Maps is very good for finding webcameras - hence the image at the top of this post. I've provided a link to the website host of the webcamera however I'm not quite sure how to credit the webkamera owners as I don't speak Norwegian but if they'd like it to say something different please do get in touch.

You can see the contributions for the Virtual Paintout in the San Francisco area in February in this thread San Francisco Bay area - February 2010


Sarah Wimperis said...

what exactly is a virtual paintout?...I used to live in Stavanger, for 6 years, used to buy fish from that place right at the bottom of that webcam view!

Sarah Wimperis said...

Oh my godness, I just found out how it works and have just virtually walked to my old house...amazing!!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

In which case Sarah I shall be expecting to see a painting of your old house on Virtual Paintout this month!

(Isn't that just too weird for words?)


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