Places to Paint

View from the l'Esplanade at Domme
12" x 16", coloured pencils on Arches HP

copyright Katherine Tyrrell
I'm currently developing an inventory or gazeteer of good places to paint.

I love finding out about places to draw and paint. I've always used maps to try and find out where the good places might be - and now use Streetview to check out my hunches!  I've also listened a lot to what other people have had to say about their favourite places to paint and why they liked them. Then when I started to get interested in specific artists, I've also read about where they went, found the images and then tracked down and found the places where those artists sat when painting views which are now well known to us. 

See below for the start of an inventory - by country - of artists' favourite places to paint.

On this blog, from a personal perspective, I'm focusing on the places which famous artists liked to paint and the places which I've very much enjoyed painting.

However, I also want to invite contributions from current landscape artists.
...this post is an invitation to say a bit about what's your favourite place to paint.

Even better if you've done a blog post about it I'd like to highlight this on this blog.

I'm also going to try and develop an inventory of 'good places to paint' in the Location Page (see top - underneath the title). A sort of reference site for if you're going somewhere new and want to know good places to paint.

What's your favourite place to paint?
HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED:  You are invited to contribute to the project and write a blog post and tell us about where is your favourite place to paint - and why.  If you'd like to share, feel free to say what's your favourite place to paint (and you don't have to stop at just one!)  You need to:
  • EITHER send me a link to a blog post in which you have written about your favourite place to paint.  This should say why you find it stimulating.
  • OR contact me (see column on right) about doing a guest post for this blog about the place which inspires you to paint.  The post should be between 350 and 1,000 words and should include a couple of good quality web ready images.

Locations - UK 

    Locations - Europe 

    Locations - North America

    New Mexico
    Locations - Asia

    Bali, Indonesia


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