Thursday, 20 September 2012

£25,000 First Prize for Scottish Landscape Painting

Prizewinning landscapes in 2011
On Making A Mark later today, I'll be announcing the details of a major biennial art competition dedicated to painting the Scottish landscape.

The Jolomo Bank of Scotland Awards 2013 for Scottish Landscape Painting are due to be launched at the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh later this morning.

Total prize money of £35,000 is available - with £25,000 going to the winner of the First Prize.  A further £10,000 is available to the runners up - so it's a prize which is definitely worth entering by anybody who qualifies.

Before you get to excited, you need to know that the competition is only open to artists who currently living AND working in Scotland

The images on the right are of the paintings which won prizes in 2011

For some background about the prize - see my 2011 post on this blog Scottish Landscape Painting and a £25,000 prize which highlights 24 year old Edinburgh artist Calum McClure who was the 2011 competition winner.  He'd only just graduated from Edinburgh College of Art when he won the prize.

Calum said the impact had been life-changing.
“Winning the Jolomo Award has changed so much about my practice. I have been able to focus entirely on my work, whereas before I was doing 45 hours a week as a chef. It’s a huge opportunity and I feel very privileged to have won.

Along with the monetary side of the award, winning has also given me confidence in my work. The thought that the judging panel had seen something in the localised nature I try to bring to landscape depiction is fulfilling."
How to Enter

Landscape Painting: 2013 Jolomo Bank of Scotland Awards - Call for Entries is my detailed overview of the Call for Entries for the Jolomo Bank of Scotland Awards 2013 for Scottish Landscape Painting - posted on my main blog Making A Mark

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