Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Wynne Prize 2012 - Selected artists and winner

The Wynne Prize for landscape painting or figure sculpture seeks to identify the best contemporary landscape painting in Australia or figure sculpture of Australian scenery.

Apart from the prestige, the monetary value of the prize for this art competition is US$35,000 in 2012. (£22,716 / US$36,032)

I don't think there has been enough Australian Art on this blog to date so prepare for a surfeit!

This post identifies both the finalists and the 2012 winner of The Wynne Prize and says something about the history of the Wynne Prize.

[I was writing my post about the 2013 Prize and came back to reference this one - which I can well remember writing - only to discover I'd not quite finished it and it wasn't published it - so a year late here it is!]

Wynne Prize 2012 - Finalists

The 32 finalists cover the range of ways in which artists in Australia interpret their landscape - see below for images of their entries and links to their websites

BELOW are the finalists.  
  • Click the links in the name to see the selected artist's website, blog or gallery.  
  • Click this link to see the images produced by the 32 finalists for the Wynne Prize 2012 - and then on the image to see an image in more detail. (Tip:  If you start with the first and then press the arrow to the right of the image you can work your way through all 32 images)
I've also included a sentence about each work - taken from the page dedicated to the selected artwork, where artists in general have a lot more to say about their work. I think these commentaries will give all readers of this blog pause for through about the way landscape art can be stimulated and interpreted.

I recommend that people look through all the images if you're in any way interested in landscape art.

I've commented on some but not all of the artworks.  Do let me know what you think too and identify which are your favourites.

I sooooooo wish we had a prize like this in the UK!