Sunday 3 January 2010

Landscape Art - check out the blogroll

This blog's blogroll will focus on those blogs which are wholly or mainly dedicated to landscape art.

Apart from links to my own blogs, I've created a number of groups for various blogs which relate to landscape art:
  • Landscape Art - Tutors
  • Landscape art - Group activity (for group blogs and blogs of groups)
  • Landscape Art - Plein Air Groups
  • Landscape Art - Artist Blogs
  • Landscape Art - Sketching Blogs
  • Landscape Art - Art History
Why not check out the lists?

They're not complete - feel free to make suggestions for additions as a comment to this post. At this stage I'm aiming to keep the blogroll under active review and will be refining it as the project progresses.


Blondheim Art and Stories said...

This is really terrific Katherine. A much neaded resource.

loriann signori said...

Great start! Leave it to you to create this excellent organized resource for others. Thank you!

art for pete sake said...

This is great but it's not going to help me curb my art-link-hopping habit!

Making A Mark said...

It wasn't designed to! ;)

Leslie Hawes said...

I happen to be a fan of Robin Purcell's work.
Plein air California watercolorist.

Robin Purcell said...

Leslie, thanks for the mention, I've liked to this blog on mine, looks like good reading and iam also a huge fan of William Wray's work.Glad to see him linked here.