Saturday, 9 January 2010

Free e-book of tips for painting a plein air landscape

Artist Daily - the social media website of the art magazine 'American Artist' - has a number of e-books which are free to download.

One of these is 24 Tips to Learn How To Paint a Plein Air Landscape. This forms part of their series on oil painting techniques.’ll find tips on how to get started working en plein air and how to improve your en plein air painting technique.Featured artist Donald Demers emphasizes the importance of learning from each landscape painting, whether it’s a successful one or a disappointment, and members of the Plein-Air Painters of America (PAPA) stress the need to maintain focus, especially when painting chaotic garden scenes.
I've just downloaded it and haven't read it as yet - but will be giving it a review over on Making A Mark reviews in due course. A quick scan of the article suggests that oil painters will find it more interesting but that it contains some tips which apply to plein air painting generally.

You have to register with the site before you can download any of the free art instruction e-books (PDF article downloads), receive the newsletter or participate in the online community.

If you've already downloaded it, feel free to leave your comments on it here

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