Saturday, 3 December 2011

Winter Landscapes by Ivan Shiskin

Winter (1890) by Ivan Shiskin
Oil on canvas, 125.5 x 204 cm
State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg | Source: Wikimedia Commons

The great Russian landscape painter, Ivan Shiskin (1838-1892) very much liked painting trees and became famous for his forest landscapes.  These are a couple of his paintings of pine trees laden with snow in winter

I'm minded to try and develop an educational resource website about Shiskin over the course of the winter months.  I've not studied any Russian landscape artists yet although I have seen their paintings - some of which I like a lot.

Who are the artists which you think are great painters of winter landscapes?

Who else do you rate highly as a painter of trees?

Which Russian landscape painters do you like?

In the wild north (1891) by Ivan Shiskin
161 x 118 cm, oil on canvas
Kiev Museum of Ukranian Art, Kiev, Ukraine


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Like the bottom one feels so cold looking at it my fingers could've stuck to the key board :)....thought the top one was a photograph to begin with!

Making A Mark said...

There's a good article about him here

Rodrica Tilley said...

Isaac Levitan is one of my favorites.
only one snow scene here; one of my favorites. He did many.

Unknown said...

That moonlit tree is wonderful!

My favorite Russian landscape painter is Isaac Levitan and he painted some fabulous winter scenes.
My other favorite is Sydney Laurence and his Alaskan landscapes.

Michelle B. Hendry said...

The American Walter Launt Palmer was a magnificent painter of trees - and winter. One of my favourites!

Mongolian-Canadian artist Jack Zhou is a contemporary painter that does magnificent trees from all seasons...


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