Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Remnant Snow - Winter Landscapes #1

Remnant by Casey Klahn
small pastel

This is a pastel painting of a remnant of snow by Casey Klahn (The Colorist).

Casey does fabulous landscapes in pastels and has been juried into exhibitions by the Pastel Society of America.

He also produces some of the most epic photographs of snow I see each winter (he lives in the north of Washington State near the border with Canada!).  Here's one from last year round about this time - which includes the route to his studio. he has to break in when the door freezes shut!

This artwork first appeared in this post Remnant - and came complete with musical accompaniment.

How to get your paintings of Winter posted on this blog
If you are
  1. active in blogging about your art 
  2. you're interested in having your images displayed as part of the seasonal changes. 
then all you have to do is
  • drop me a line (see side column for email) with a brief explanation about your painting (if this is not already in your blog post), 
  • identify and reference the URL of the blog post in which I can see the painting 
  • and (this is important) use Readers Winter Landscapes in the subject line of your email (This is so I can find it in the masses I get each day!) 
Places to Paint: This blog features and shares good places for painters to paint. Please note that I'm also interested in the place as well as what led you to paint it in Winter. Tell me if and why other painters might be interested in this place.

I can't promise to display all that I'm told about. Plus there is an absolute rule which is that this is for art bloggers only ie "no blog post, no feature on my blog".

[Note - the count in the title only applies to the winter landscapes submitted by art bloggers]

1 comment:

Casey Klahn said...

I'm surprised at how well the design here compliments this artwork - just looks great!

BTW, I am a juried member of the PSA, but not at signature status.


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