Monday, 14 November 2011

More of Van Gogh's Landscapes

Casey Klahn responded to my last post with a post on his blog The Colorist with a link to the video which follows.

It's an excellent video of stills of Van Gogh's Landscapes - many of which reflect the harvest and Autumn.  You'll note the contrast in his approach in later years to painting trees - when compared to those in the preceding post.

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Jan Yates, SCA, Canada said...

This is a very interesting topic re Van Gogh's earlier work. I just returned from the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and was taken aback to see how many-and how dark- his earlier works were and the evolution into light. I am wondering if he was still teaching himself to paint and working via trial and error with pigments that other accomplished artists used...I do see Van Gogh's spirit in the previous painting of the trees-with his birds and the lively -yet tentative-brushwork in some of the passages. As well I think he was a superb draftsman-his composition drawings always sound-as carried through in this earlier painting...and yes, i wonder why he didn't sign some of his work--perhaps he just didn't feel they were his best?


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