Monday, 28 November 2011

Autumn in DC - Autumn Landscapes #9

More about Autumn in Washington DC - Kathryn Law (Kathryn Law) wrote to me
I just returned from a trip to Washington DC where I did five little paintings while taking a break from museum-crawling. We don't really get these kinds of fall colors in San Diego, where I live, so these brilliant yellows and reds just grabbed me and wouldn't let go. The one at the top of this blog post was done as I sat with aching feet, eating a sandwich, on my way from the National Gallery to the Smithsonian Art Museum. I looked to the left and there was this scene.
Kathryn has a BFA in Painting and has been a professional artist since 2002, living in San Diego. She is currently the Artist in Residence at Cabrillo National Monument.

How to get your paintings of Autumn posted on this blog

This is the ninth post in my series of Autumn Landscapes by art bloggers. If you're interested in having your images displayed as part of the seasonal changes.  I'll be starting the Winter Landscapes soon.
  • drop me a line (see side column for email), 
  • reference the blog post in which I can see the painting 
  • and (this is important) use Readers Autumn Landscapes in the subject line of your email (This is so I can find it in the masses I get each day!)
Places to Paint: Please note that I'm also interested in the place as well as what led you to paint it in Autumn.

I can't promise to display all that I'm told about. Plus there is an absolute rule which is that this is for art bloggers only ie "no blog post, no feature on my blog".

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Ruth Andre said...

Great idea to celebrate the season. I would like to participate but may have missed the Fall deadline? Nice Blog b


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