Sunday, 5 December 2010

More about Painting Snow

Brecon Road by Rob Ibjema (Painting Wales)

Given that the Artic jet streams and New Hampshire snow seems to have moved to the UK and Europe this last week, I thought it would be apt to continue the painting in the snow theme from my recent post Painting snow - in snow

Here's a bunch of blog posts - all of which are about painting snow and/or painting in snow.  Stapleton Kearns has written the most - and does some pretty good pics of painting snow in snow - including one of himself in his 'painting in snow'!

The Artist's Magazine
John Hulsey - (The Artists Road) -  Extreme Painting - Conquering Old Man Winter - Perspectives No. 5
Rob Ibjema (Painting Wales) - Brecon road
Stapleton Kearns (Stapleton Kearns) - A little more about snow painting Snowcamp, A note from Snowcamp, Another day at Snowcamp, Does this hat look good on me? and Painting in Northern Vermont   m 

Régis Pettinari (Peintures de Paris/Paintings of Paris by a french painter) - Neige aux Tuileries/ Snowing in Tuileries
Deborah Secor (Landscapes in pastel) - Chapter Eighteen - Snow

Loriann Signori (loriann signori's painting-a-day) - Painting in the snow / sunset

Réné (Rene Plein Air) - First nocturnal of this winter (I think)

Keith Tilley (Painting on the Edge) - First Snow


    Anonymous said...

    An interesting blog.

    loriann said...

    Excellent post Katherine! Great Britian is certainly getting her share of the white stuff this year. I have seen so many beautiful paintings from your side of the pond recently.
    PS Thanks so much for including my blog.


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