Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Would you like to paint the Arctic?

Sarah Mayer contacted me to highlight an opportunity which exists for people wanting to paint the Arctic.

A blog post earlier this year -  Extreme Plein Air - painting the Antarctic! - showed what it was like for Rowan Huntly who painting plein air in Antarctica on HMS Scott! (see her expedition to Antarctica on her Antarctica Blog.)  Rowan was helped by Sarah in preparing for an earlier trip to Greenland.

the beautiful classic sailing yacht Noorderlicht
to be used as a floating studio' for next summer's 'Artistic Odyssey' in Svalbard.
Sarah's company, The Polar People have put together a trip in June 2011 titled Spitzbergen: An Artistic Odyssey which sounds quite unlike any painting holiday I've ever taken!

Plus you get to stay on a sailing ship and use it as a floating studio!
We've designed this adventure specifically for artists: Book before 1st October!

Join us for a superb voyage of Artistic discovery in the Arctic, only 600 miles from the North Pole.

- Breathtaking widlife
- Amazing Arctic landscapes and seascapes
- 24 hours of daylight
- Time to stand and stare and sketch and think.
- Good long forays ashore, not just a quick dash then off to the next.
- Really high staff ratio - so we can divide our little group still smaller.
- Beautiful classic yacht as our 'floating studio'.. and you can help sail her!
- Expert painting tuition if you would like it.
- Informal, laid-back and convivial.

All welcome! Whether you are a beginner, a dabbler or a professional - and whatever your art: Painter, sculptor, writer, photographer, musician, dancer.... or the long-suffering travelling companion of an artist!
Sarah wondered whether any of the plein air bloggers who read this blog might be interested - and I'm happy to help highlight the opportunity
I'm looking for Plein Air artists to join a Spitsbergen journey next June and Rowan suggested some of you bloggers might be interested! We've got 6 so far but need another 6 for the trip to go ahead. I am able to offer a free place to anybody who is able to bring 4 paying artists with them, so please do spread the word to your friends and 'fans'.
If you are interested please contact Sarah via her website.


MG said...

You should retitle your post Paint the Antarctic. The arctic is the polar region in the northern hemisphere.

Making A Mark said...

Spitzbergen is in the northern hemisphere and the venue for the painting trip is some 600 miles from the North Pole

Caroline Peña Bray said...

Wow wee! What an amazing opportunity! I'm not a plein air painter but I can just imagine how exciting it must be to be on that boat. Thanks for sharing - I'll spread the word to the plein airers I know. Have a great week!

vivien said...

I don't think I could stand the cold - but it would be utterly amazing!

I also get seasick!

Unknown said...

Don't be discouraged Vivien! Summer in Spitsbergen is not as cold as you think... sometimes we even wear shorts! And we sail in sheltered waters so seasicknes is rarely a problem.

Unknown said...

Don't be discouraged Vivien! Summer in Spitsbergen may not be as cold as you think, sometimes we even wear shorts! And we sail in sheltered waters close to the shore so seasickness is very rare :-)


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