Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Manhattan hosts the Virtual Paintout

Bird's eye panorama of Manhattan & New York City in 1873
The Virtual Paintout is in Manhattan Island, New York - September 2010 - continuing the island theme which Bill has been following of late!  (see Prince Edward Island, Hong Kong, Hawaii and the Canary Islands).  Will he run out of islands any time soon? ;)

It's open for participation from September 1st till September 30th.
You are free to travel Manhattan Island this month from the southern tip to its northern boundary at the Harlem River. As you'll see by studying the map, the river starts at the northern most point of the island near Inwood Hill Park, then traverses in a southeastern direction, separating Manhattan Island from its neighboring borough of the Bronx.
I found some links to help orientate me look for a spot to draw
As always the Virtual Paintout post explains the rules which must be observed if you want to participate

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