Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Extreme Plein Air - painting the Antarctic!

This will be of interest to all confirmed plein air painters. Rowan Huntly is currently painting plein air in Antarctica on HMS Scott!

You can follow her current expedition to Antarctica on her Antarctica Blog. The last post was on 4th February.
This unique opportunity was awarded to me by the Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) and the Royal Navy after a selection process.
Rowan Huntley paints the Antactic

Prior to this she has painted rather a lot of frozen land and sea, including:
This is a link to an interview that the South Wales Echo did with her prior to her trip to Antarctica - CONFESSIONS of an Antarctic artist. It includes tips in the final paragraph for extreme cold weather painting.

I'm very impressed by the amount of sponsorship she's attracted for her painting trips but I guess that's pretty much essential for trips like these!

Her website also includes some links I've never seen before for nordic specialists!

I'd love to see some of her paintings exhibited in London.



Casey Klahn said...

As a reformed climber, myself, this visit to the Alpine Club was like a sip from the bottle for a dry drunk.

Very nice work, and I can think of our present blogger Clive Powsey, and an older gentleman named Dee Molenaar.

Clive does brilliant watercolor paintings of alpine Vancouver Island, and Mr. Molenaar painted the highest scene in history at 25,000 ft. on the flanks of K2.

Unknown said...

Rowan is a friend and I helped her with her Greenland painting trip. I'm looking for Plein Air artists to join a Spitsbergen journey next June and Rowan suggested some of you bloggers might be interested! We've got 6 so far but need another 6 for the trip to go ahead. See for details!

Making A Mark said...

thanks - see today's post on the blog


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