Wednesday, 6 June 2012

View of the Thames by Childe Hassam

View of the Thames (1889) by Childe Hassam
I'm very fond of paintings by Childe Hassam but only came across his painting of the Thames very recently.  I wasn't even aware he'd ever paid a visit to London.

Behind the boats is a view of Charing Cross Railway Bridge with Embankment Gardens and Cleopatra's Needle on the right and the Houses of Parliament in the background.  The Thames Embankment would still be very new when this was painted.

The mixing of pigments on the paper is very attractive and lifts what are ostensibly grey buildings and grey water into some far more interesting.  Why shouldn't be water and sky be yellow?  It seems entirely appropriate.

I spotted it partly because I saw some boats very like this last Saturday moored in the River Thames outside Old Billingsgate Market

Boats participating in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant Flotilla


Penny said...

I have been loving this series of paintings, old and modern of the Thames, so interesting to see from afar things I will probably ne ver see and so well researched by you.
Thank you.

Rodrica said...

Thank you for the lovely Hassam watercolor. It is truly the bright spot in my far. Inventive, composed perfectly...a joy.


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