Monday, 2 January 2012

Wolf Kahn - 6 good reasons not to paint a landscape

There's a 2002 Forum Network lecture by Wolf Kahn - highlighting 6 good reasons not to paint a landscape - in which he discusses landscape painting.
Wolf Kahn, an influential modern landscape painter, explains why people become artists, despite the apparent impracticality of art.
Wolf Kahn - 6 good reasons not to paint a landscape
His lecture is organised around the six reasons he puts forward which are:
  1. There's no ideology these days to back up landscape painting
  2. It's all been done
  3. It's far too polite - it ends up in hospital waiting rooms and corporate boardrooms
  4. You're mistaken by the public to be a lover of beauty
  5. You're mistaken to be an environmentalist
  6. There's no politics in landscape painting

There's a link which indicates you can download the audio file of the lecture to listen to as a podcast.

Thanks to Loriann Signori who highlighted this on her blog today.

The lecture is on The Forum Network which is a public media service of WGBH in Boston

So - did you listen to the lecture?  What do you think?

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