Sunday, 7 November 2010

How to draw and paint trees

Autumn Forest in oil pastels by Martin Stankewitz (How to draw a tree)

The trees are fabulous at the moment - and we should all be out making the most of them as landscape motifs!

For those who need some help in how to approach this, here are some links to very experienced artists and bloggers who have been writing about and drawing trees this year.

Stapleton Kearns -

In the earlier part of 2010, Stapleton was writing about tree anatomy and how to look at trees - to understand their structure - and how to paint trees
He also has some tips for drawing and painting sky holes - those bits of trees that the birdies fly through - and various other aspects of drawing and painting trees
  • Skyholes part 1 - about trying to find some order and relationships within the grouping of sky holes
  • Sky holes 2 - about what colour to paint the sky holes so they don't jump out
  • Sky holes 3 - studies sky holes in paintings by master landscape painters

How to draw a tree -

This is Martin Stankewitz's blog - his emphasis is much more on drawing trees.  His recent posts have included:

Pastel Pointers -

Richard McKinley also has some tips for

    and finally....

    Here's a link to a newspaper article about Stourhead - one of the classic tree landscapes in the UK - which is always renowned for its autumn leaves

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    thank you for your detail information, It has aided me in detailing my ideals in painting Trees...TY


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