Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Virtual Paintout October - in Mexico

A view of San Miguel de Allende - courtesy of Wikicommons

This is my regular monthly plug for the Virtual Paintout - but a little later than usual.  At the beginning of the month my prime concern was what I was going to be wearing at a big family wedding!

This month Bill Guffey has taken people off to San Miguel de Allende which is about as central as you can get in Mexico.  According to Wikipedia this is a historic town founded in 1542 that has become an attractive tourist destination for wealthy Mexico City residents and a large number of American and Canadian expatriates who are mainly retired. According to the town's website it's one of the world's top tourist destinations - although I have to confess to never having heard if it before.

Anyway, armed with that information, you can have a look round the town via Google Maps and Streetview.  This is the link to the relevant post - San Miguel de Allende - October 2010

This is the link to the big map - View Larger Map

You can participate until October 31st - after which Bill moves on to a new spot.  Make sure you read the rules for participation carefully if you've not taken part before - or you'll kick yourself - because submissions not following the rules will not be posted! :)

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