Wednesday, 28 July 2010

David Curtis demonstrates "A Light Touch: Landscapes in Oils"

In this video, David Curtis is back to painting in oils and this time the 'light' is all about a lightness of touch which he likes to use when painting in oils.

Notes I made while it was playing focus on:
  • he likes to use scrubby strokes at the beginning of landscape paintings
  • palette focus on main colours used for his landscape palette
  • capitalise on the light and getting the patina of light right
  • getting the highlights marked in at the beginning of the painting
  • seeing the picture as a whole in terms of shapes of light and shade
  • a constant focus on tones and getting the register of light and dark right
  • the importance of developing your memory when painting plein air
  • the importance of NOT honing in on one area - which you might like a lot - for too lomg
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